6th Grade life: Gone, Now, and What’s left

This has been a crazy year. Fun, happy, sad, mean, and whatever other adjectives you would use to describe the year. We first start when we went to Camp Cheerio at the beginning it was nice and then we crashed into a tree on the canoe.  Then we went to Stagville and saw a huge difference of how was life back then. After that we did a plank challenge which still hurts my arms to think about. We went to the Nasher in Durham, NC which was cool. You got to see my baby chicks and how they look now.

All good things must come to an end…

This is the time when I say good….. day because I’m going  to be updating my blog so keep an eye out from this.

See ya’ll soon!


Roller Coaster

So, in Language arts we are reading a book called “Cosmic” and I really like it. Due to the book we had to make a roller coaster of it and so here is mine:

I call it Minecraft Force due to its sudden jolts and drops. It has a farm based area around it with sheep, pigs, and a horse and a donkey. You go underwater through a cave after you climb  and drop.  It’s fun and gets your heart beating faster just by looking at it.



What’s New



So, we got baby chicks and we bought them so they could lay eggs. Some of the names are Hibachi,Teriyaki and Enchilada. They were cute and fluffy (now they’re ugly and teenager chickens. Ew). They now smell horrible but they are still curious and it is cute looking at them as they discover the grass and the mayflies. (R.I.P all mayflies that we caught for them.)  Above are the pictures before (1) and after (2).

Window Post

What I see through my eyes and out the window is beautiful.  The green grass growing and the flowers blooming. It makes me feel grateful that I am lucky enough to have a house and a roof over my head.  It makes me feel sad knowing that my friends will not play in that yard with me or that I can’t even see them only virtually.

I miss being with everyone.

Be thankful for what you have during this quarantine.


Kindness during COVID-19


Dear All,

These times are rough, hard, and the learning experience is wary. During these times an important thing to keep in mind is to show your kindness to others because this is very hard period of time for many people. So whenever you have a chance text your friends or email your teachers of a positive message and make them happy, which is what we need now.  Some of my teachers are letting us check in and talking to the students who need help in this period of time.  If you have a chance, do something good for a change because that change sparks an impact on many other people and then that spark becomes a fire. So instead of playing some video games or sitting on the couch and watching YouTube or you could just take some time out of your day and say something nice.

Be the spark that causes the fire.






We had a late start and we went to a local art museum called Nasher. There we saw a lot of unique and beautiful art like the one above is a different form of art that looks just like the John the Baptist. There really cool ones because of the paintings had sticks poking out and had  matches for hair. I recommend it to everyone to see a wild yet beautiful paintings.

Photo credit to Patti Donnelly

Plank Challenge

In class we did a plank challenge, and it was torture.

So what we did was each student at the beginning of the year would see how long they would hold the plank position. My guess for myself was about 10 minutes. Everyday since the beginning of the year we increased the plank by 5 seconds per day.  After we came back from Thanksgiving break we increased the 5 to 10.

The ultimate goal was on the last day. December 19, 2019.  That was the day where we held as long as we could. I held on for 12 minutes and 7 seconds. Some kids held plank for 40 minutes! I mean who can do that?!?! The kid in the white shirt farthest from the kid in the blue they held on each of them for 40 minutes*!

It was a hard time and I thought 12 minutes was hard…



*here is their blog if you want to check them out



Wisdom Tale Comic


I’m back with another blog.

Have you ever heard of The Lion and The Rabbit or Antlers? Maybe the Parts of The House Argue? If you have, good for you now you are a incredible superhuman being. Yeah no. If you haven’t  well, this is a blog post just for you.

Wisdom Tales are small short stories that have morals and if you follow the moral you can do something very impactful in life. Sho

wing integrity is a great thing. Integrity is doing something kind even if nobody is looking.  We read through the book and after we finished my class and I had to write a comic.

I based my comic off the story “Fire, Water, Truth, and Falsehood” You can see below how my comic is well done.  In the story Fire, Water, Truth, and Falsehood live in the same house.  All of them went out hunting for cattle. Then Falsehood got greedy and wanted them all for himself. He convinced Water to kill Fire. They went up mountain so Water couldn’t get them. Falsehood demanded that he was the most important to Truth. They argued until wind passed and told them Truth and Falsehood are both equals.



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