Third Quarter Books I’ve Read


This book is fantasy. The False Prince is about 4 kids who are competing in secret to be the the prince 👑🔪⚔️🛡

The carboard kingdom is about a group of a lot of kids who use their imagination to make themselves a make-believe character. The genre is fantasy ⚔️🧙🏻‍♀️👹🏹

The dragonet prophecy graphic novel is about five dragons who were chosen to stop the great dragon war but during their training they are captured. If  you want to hear the rest read the book. This book is fantasy 🐉🔥☠️😳😳

The Titans curse is about Percy Jackson going on his third adventure  it is fantasy 🔱⚔️🛡🗡🔪


This is the 1st  Alex Rider manga book. It is sci-fi and there is a lot of action.


This is the second book in the wings of fire series and it is now in the sea where the protagonist(switches in every book) finds her way to the kingdom of the sea and she finds out she is the missing princess and she is  reunited with her mom the queen but, when assassin try to kill Tsunami (the protagonist) the queens eggs are being  destroyed by a mysterious killer. Who is doing this and why? Find out in the wings of fire: the lost heir


Percy Jakson: The Lightnig theif is about when Zeus’s lightning bolt is missing and Zeus thinks Percy did it. Percy now on a quest to find the bolt finds out that Hades the God of the Underworld is missing his healm of darkness and thinks Percy did it. Percy didn’t. Who is this theif? find out in Percy Jackson: The Lighting Theif


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