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6th Grade life: Gone, Now, and What’s left

This has been a crazy year. Fun, happy, sad, mean, and whatever other adjectives you would use to describe the year. We first start when we went to Camp Cheerio at the beginning it was nice and then we crashed into a tree on the canoe.  Then we went to Stagville and saw a huge difference of how was life back then. After that we did a plank challenge which still hurts my arms to think about. We went to the Nasher in Durham, NC which was cool. You got to see my baby chicks and how they look now.

All good things must come to an end…

This is the time when I say good….. day because I’m going  to be updating my blog so keep an eye out from this.

See ya’ll soon!




We had a late start and we went to a local art museum called Nasher. There we saw a lot of unique and beautiful art like the one above is a different form of art that looks just like the John the Baptist. There really cool ones because of the paintings had sticks poking out and had  matches for hair. I recommend it to everyone to see a wild yet beautiful paintings.

Photo credit to Patti Donnelly